Singular and plural

Hey guys, today I am going to teach you the difference between singular and plural in the English language with the most used words than you can find in everyday English.

Singular / Plural.

  1. book / books; Chair / Chairs; boy / boys, cupboard / cupboards.
  • Spealing rule:  For the plural form of most nouns you just need to add ‘s’.

2. Box / Boxes; watch / watches / class / classes; bus / buses.

  • Spealing rule: For nouns that end in ch, x, s, or s sounds just add ‘es

3. dictionaty / dictionaries.

  • Spealing rule: Change y to ‘ies’.

4. Bookshelf / bookshelves; wife / wives.

  • Change f to ‘ves‘.

5. Person / people; man / men; woman / women;  child / children. 

  • Irregular.

6. Series / series; deer / deer.

  • A few nouns have the same singular and plural forms.

7. toy / toys; potato / potatoes.

  • Nouns ending in vowels like ‘y‘ or ‘o‘ do not have definite rules

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