Being a English Teacher

Hey guys, how are you today? I will answer some questions that normally people make me about my experiences with English language and I hope that you enjoy it.


  • Why have I become a English teacher?

I have become a English teacher because I have always loved studying and teaching this language. In my family there are some teachers, but not English and I have inspired me in that. It is gratifying and I do not regret about it.

  • Do you think that is a good idea to become a English teacher in Brazil? 

Yes, I do. It is difficult in the beginning but when you love doing something it worth it. Although English teachers are not valued and they are badly paid. Education is not a priority here.

  • Would like you to be teaching English in some time later?

To be sincere I do not know because life changes faster. I do not like thinking about the future. I always live in the present.

  • What do you like most abou your profession?

Teaching English for me it is a pleasure. I love everything in my profession. life becomes much better and easily when you love what you do.

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