Grammar: Should/Shouldn’t and Ought to/Ought not to.

Hey guys, it is time to learn Grammar!! Today, I am going to teach you how to use and the difference between should/should’t and Ought to/Ought not to.

  • Should or Shouldn’t: 

We use should/shouldn’t + VERB (infinitive without to) to give somebody advice, suggestions or say what you think is the right to do.

e.g You should eat more fruit.

e.g I shouldn’t (should not) eat red meat.

e.g. A. Should we go right now? B. Yes, we should.

* We often use I think you should.. or I do not think you should.. NOT I think you shouldn’t.


  • Ought to or Ought not to: You can use ought to/ought not to instead of should/shouldn’t,

i.e.. You ought to eat more fruit.

i.e.. I ought not to eat red meat.

  • The only difference is that OUGHT TO / OUGHT NOT TO is more formal. You must use it in a formal writing or to send an e-mail. In a conversation is better to use Should/ Shouldn’t. 

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