The difference between Do or Make.

Hey guys, I will explain you the difference between Do and Make. These words have similar meanings in some Languages like in Portuguese language (Do and Make have the same meaning). So, this is a doubt that normally people have..

Below I write the 1o most used phrases in daily English.

  1. Do a course;
  2. Make a mistake;
  3. Do an exam /an exercise / homework;
  4. Make a noise;
  5. Make a phone call;
  6. Do housework;
  7. Make friends;
  8. Make lunch/ dinner;
  9. do sport / exercise;
  10. Make plans.
  • Suggestion of the day: Practise this words at home with somone or alone. Look up in a dictionary the meanings of this 10 sentences.

How to improve your listening comprehension.

Hey guys, today I am going to tell you 4 ways to improve your listening comprehension more easily and having fun. 

  • Listening to music: There are a lot of English songs on the internet. Making that you are going to improve your English easily and having fun. I think you should try to listen to every kind of music because you will accumulate too much vocabulary and you will know the right pronunciation and rhythm that native speakers say some words.
  • Talking to a native speaker: I know that is not everyone that have a opportunity to travel abroad. Although nowadays you have everything on the internet: Skype, Social networks, etc. So, there is no excuse to not practice your English with them through it.
  • Doing a English course: In my opinion this is the best advise. Doing it you will have a English teacher to help you with any doubts. Another positive thing is that you are going to practise your English with others students in classroom.
  • Watching films/ series/ cartoons: Nowadays there are too much English movies, series or cartoons than you can watch. You will have the possibility to put a subtitle in your language (or in English) if you cannot understand much of English yet.