Grammar: Object pronouns

Hey guys, grammar time!! Today I am going to explain you object pronouns.

  • subject / Object pronouns. 
  1. I / me / e.g. wait for me.
  2. You / you / e.g. I love you. (Singular).
  3. He / him / e.g. I will with him.
  4. She / her / e.g. I kissed her.
  5. It / It / e.g. I hate it.
  6. We / us / e.g. Could you help us?
  7. You / you / e.g. See you later. (plural)
  8. They / them / e.g. Phone them tomorrow.
  • Object pronouns take the place of nouns.

e.g. I meet her. She invites me to her house.

  • Object pronouns go after the verb.

e.g. I like her. NOT I her like.

  • You also use object pronouns after prepositions ( with, to, from, etc.)

e.g. I will go with you. LIsten to me.

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