How to use (-Ion, -Sion, or -Ation) in a noun formation.

Hey guys, how are you today?  It’s time to learn a new vocabulary!!

I am going to explain how to make a noun formation.

With some verbs you can make a noun by adding -Ion, -Sion, or -Ation. 

  • Verb / Noun

E.g. 1. I confuse you with him. / It’s a confusion;

2. I elect myself. / The election is going to be next year;

3. I inform her. / The information is correct;

4. I invite them to my party. / The invitation was made;

5. I communicate him about that. / The communication is everything;

6. I traslate this English movie for you. / Your translation in English was great;

7. I educate myself. / Education is important; 

8. I decide about that. / The decision is made, I will go now.