5 confusing verbs in English

There are a lot of verbs in english that are confusing. So, I decided to explain the difference of 5 confusing verbs than you may use in the daily English. 

– Confusing verbs:

  1.  Lend /lend/ / Borrow /‘bouru/

lend: Money to somebody.

Borrow: money from somebody.

2. Say /sei/ / Tell /tel/

Say: Something to somebody (i.e. Sorry)

Tell: Somebody something (i.e. A joke)

3. Look /luk/ / Look like /luk  laik/

Look: After Look we use an adjective or an age. (e.g. look happy / Look about 10 years old)

Look like: After Look like we use a noun. (e.g. Look like your sister)

4. Win /win/ / Earn /3:n/

Win: something (i.e. A match or a prize).

Earn: A salary or money.

5. Know /nau// meet /mi:t/

know: Somebody well or something.

Meet: Somebody for the first time.


‘Do not wait for others to educate you, educate yourself”








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