8 differences between British & American English

As you know British and American speakers understand each other when they are talking. Although there are some differences between both of it. I am going to explain 8 differences than you might find.


  1. You just missed him (Past Simple) = American English

You have just missed him (Present Perfect) = British English

2. Cell (phone) = American English

Mobile (phone) = British English

3. Rest room = American English

Toilet = British English

4. The subway = American English

The underground = British English

5. Pharmacy = American english

Chemist’s = British English

6. Drugs =  medicine in American English (and sometimes British English)

Drugs = Illegal substances in British and American English

7. Store = American English

Shop = British English

8. Check = American English

bill = British English

  • It is important to know the difference of British and American English and use it in the right way. Because It shows respect for the culture of the country.


































How to use -Ed & -Ing adjectives endings

Ed and –Ing adjectives.

Many adjectives for feelings have two possible forms.

  • Use the adjective ending in –Ed for the person who has the feeling.

E.g. Have you ever been disappointed by somebody?

Do you feel tired in the morning?

  • Use the adjective ending in –Ing for a person or situation that produces the feeling.

E.g. Who is the most boring person in your family? (person)

The most exciting sport to watch is soccer. (Situation)