How to use the gerunds (Verb + ING)


The gerund is the base form of the verb + ING. It can be positive (e.g. going) or negative (e.g. not going).

  1. As the subject or object of a sentence. 

e.g. Teaching teenagers is very hard work.

Doing yoga is good for your health.

2. After some verbs (For example: Enjoy, finish, go on, hate, like, love, (don’t) mind, spend (time), *start and stop).

e.g. I like waking up early on a sunny morning.

I love reading in bed.

*Start can be used with both the infinitive and the gerund no real difference in meaning. 

i.e. It started raining.

i.e. It started to rain.

3. After prepositions. (of, at & without)

e.g. I am thinking of reading a new book.

She is very bad at playing cards.

You cannot learn a language well without practising regularly.



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