3 tips to learn a new language

I will give you 3 tips which have helped me to learn a new language and that can help you, too. 

  • Listening to music: If you like listening to music, go on doing that. Listen to as many songs as possible in English, and then learn to sing them. I spend a lot of time listening to different kind of music at home. I really enjoy learning English like this, and it is good for your listening and pronunciation, too.
  • Reading book: I love books, and in my opinion, you can learn a lot of new words by reading in English. (Start reading short books and with easy vocabulary. Then try to raise the level).
  • Do things that you like doing, but in English: If you like watching movies, watch films in English with subtitles. If you like talking, try to talk with native speakers. They can help you with difficult words and get fluency, which is very helpful.