The future: Will & Won’t

We often use will / won’t (will not) + infinitive for future predictions (to say things we think or know about the future), instant decisions, promises, offers and suggestions. 

Future predictions: 

e.g. She (She’II) will be late;

She (will not) won’t be late.

Instant decisions:

e.g. I will have an ice-cream;

They (will not) won’t have an ice-cream.


e.g. I will tell you about that now.

I (will not) won’t tell anyone your secret.


e.g. I will help you with you;

I (will not) won’t help you with your homework.


e.g. Will you eat out with me today?

I (will not) won’t study about that, and you?

  • We often use I think / I don’t (do not) think + will + infinitive. 

i.e. I think he (he’II) will go out today;

i.e. I don’t (do not) think I will pass.

*Use Shall (NOT WILL) with I and WE for offers and suggestions when they are questions. 

i.e. Shall I open the window now?

i.e. Shall we help you with that?

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