3 tips to speak better in English

Speaking English is not easy for too many people. Because there are some difficulties that make you do it. And in this post, I will to give your some tips to help you with it.

  • Do not be afraid of talking: Talking with native speakers is one of the best ways of learn English wtih effectveness . I know that it is not easy for most of you but try it and you will get it. There are too much ways of doing that: Travelling abroad, using social networks and Skype.
  • Be confident: When you are in a conversation, try to be confident when you are speaking. The other person will be more interested in you and what are talking about. Making that it will more easily for you to express yourself better.
  • Practising with yourself: I  know that it is not very commom. Although if you want to learn how to speak english with natutaness, you have to put that in practice. Because if you do not have someone to practice with you, why not with yourself?! And you must make with your brain accustom itself with English. So, when you are speaking it will be natural.