Vocabulary: The Human body

 Vocabulary time!!! 

16 vocabularies about The body: 

1- Arm (s) /arm/: Braço;

2- ear (s)/iar/: Orelha;

3- eye (s) /ai/: Olho;

4- face /feic/: Rosto;

5- finger (s) /finge:r/: Dedo ”da mão”;

6- Hair /he(a)r/: Cabelo;

7- Hand (s) /Hand/: Mão;

8- Head /hed/: Cabeça;

9- Lip (s) /Lip/: Lábio;

10- Mouth /Mauth/: Boca;

11- Neck /Nek/: Pescoço;

12- Nose /Noz/: Nariz;

13- Shoulder (s) /’Shoulder/: Ombros;

14- Back /Bak/: Costas;

15- Foot /F:ut/: Pés (Plural) / Feet /F:it/: Pé (Singular).

16- Toe (s) /Tou/: Dedo ”do pé”.

  • In English we use Possessive adjectives (My, your, his, her, Its, our, their.) with parts of the body, NOT THE.

e.i. Give me your hand. And NOT Give me the hand.



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