How to use ”About to”

We use ”about to” to talk about something that it will do very soon in the future.

  • About to + Verb (Infinitive) 

I am about to go to the cinema = (I am going to the cinema);

You are about to go out = (You are going to go out);

She / He is about to study = (She / He is going to study);

We are about to go to the gym = (We are going to go to the gym);

They are about to take a shower =  They are going to take a shower).


  • Exercises about the expression ‘’about to’’.


  1. Complete the exercises below:


  1. I am __________ clean the house.
  2. He is about to _________ (Study) a lot.
  3. She is __________ go out.
  4. They are _________ travel abroad.
  5. We are _________ listen to you.
  6. You are about to ________ (dance).
  7. I am about to ________ (drive).
  8. I am not about to ________ (go out).
  9. He is not __________ study.
  10. They are not about to __________ (read) a book.
  11. You are not _________ read a magazine.
  12. I am about to ___________ (go) to the cinema.