Speaking on the phone

In this post I will teach you some sentences how to talk on the phone properly.

                 Phone Vocabulary: 

  1. Answer the phone; = It is the action.
  2. Hello, is that.. (name)?
  3. Could I speak to… (name)?
  4. Who am I speaking to, please? – When you are not sure who is in the other line.
  5. Hang on or Hold on = It means wait (Informal); / Would you mind holding? (formal).
  6. Sorry, the person is not here at the moment.
  7. Could I take a message? = It means to take notes about the conversation. 
  8. Could I leave a message? = It means to leave a message to somebody. 
  9. Could I call you back?
  10. I am returning your call;
  11. Could you spell that, please? = When you do not understand something, i.e the name of someone. 
  12. Could you speak up, please?
  13. The line is busy = There are someone in the line / The line is engaged = Engaged means busy but it is more commom in the UK.
  14. Sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong number; 
  15. Sorry, There is no one of that name here. 

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