There is & There are in English

Grammar: There is & There are 


  • There is: We use to talk about something in the singular:

+ There is a car in the garage.

There is not (isn’t) a book in my bed.

? Is there a teacher in the classroom?

+ Yes, there is / – No, there is not (isn’t).


  • There are: We use to talk about something in the plural:

+ There are some students here.

There are not (aren’t) good teachers as it used to have.

? Are there any people in the house?

+ Yes, there are / – No, there are not (aren’t). 


  • Use some and any with plural nouns.

Some = Is is used in positive sentences. It means not an exact number. 

Any = It is used with negative and question. 


  • Exercises about the grammar: There is or There are


Complete the sentences with the right form of There is & There are.


  • _____________ a TV in the living room.
  • _____________ some pictures of myself.
  • _____________(not) a literature book here.
  • _____________ students in the classroom?
  • _____________ a school near my flat.
  • _____________ a hospital in the center of the city?
  • _____________ some singers.
  • _____________ (not) a piano.
  • _____________ any people here?
  • _____________ a Brazilian here?