Vocabulary time!!! 

  1. The bedroom.
  2. The bathroom. /’ba:ru:m/
  3. The dining room.
  4. The garage. /’gaera:g/
  5. The garden.
  6. The hall. /ha:l/
  7. The kitchen. /’kitchen/
  8. The living room.
  9. The study.
  10. The toilet.
  • Difference between Bathroom & toilet:

i.e In the bathroom there is a shower.

In the toilet there is not a shower.


1) Complete with the room properly: 

  1. The place where you have a shower. ___________________
  2. You can eat in it. You often have dinner. __________________
  3. You can sit, rest, read a book or watch TV. __________________
  4. I always leave my car in the ___________________
  5. We usually rest in the __________________
  6. We often read a book, study or do the homework. ______________
  7. There is a bed and a closet in this room. It is the place we have our things. __________________






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