• Structure: SUBJECT + BE + VERB + -ING
  • We use the present continuous for actions in progress at the time of speaking or for future arragements. 


        Positive & Negative sentences:                                      

i.e. I am going to the cinema now.      (+)

e.g. I am not (I’m not) studying English. (-)

You are studying French. –Singular    (+)     

      You are not (You aren’t) going there. -Singular (-)

He is driving his car at the moment.   (+)

He is not (He isn’t) playing soccer. (-)

She is cooking the dinner.  (+)

She is not (She isn’t) making pasta.  (-)

It is raining now. What do you think?   (+)

It is not (It isn’t) snowing now.  (-)

You are going to Brazil on holiday.  –Plural  (+)

You are not (You aren’t) working. –Plural (-)

They are waiting for me there.  (+)

They are not (They aren’t) waiting. (-)

We are wearing glasses now.   (+)

We are not (We aren’t) living here.  (-)


Questions (?): BE + SUBJECT + VERB + -ING

i.e. Am I going with you

Are you studying for the test?

Is he having lunch now?

 Is she working in a bank?

 Is it raining outside?

Are you going to the pool?

Are they running?

Are we eating chinese food?