Education: Verbs & Vocabulary

Verbs related with education:

  1. Study: I used to study in a state university.
  2. Revise: I must revise today. I have an exam.
  3. Do: I need to do my homework.
  4. Cheat: Some of the pupils had tried to cheat in the exam. (-)
  5. Pass: I think I am going to pass. (+)
  6. Fail: I am going to fail this term. (-)
  7. Learn: We go to school to learn how to study.


  • Vocabulary: School life


  1. Uniform: I used to wear quite nice uniform. 
  2. Subject: My favourite subject used to be Portuguese.
  3. Exam: We are going to have exam tomorrow. 
  4. Head teacher: The ”boss” of a school.
  5. Professor: A senior university teacher. 
  6. Student: It is studying at a college or university. 
  7. Pupil: A child who is at school. 




A Flat (BrE) / An apartment (USA) = Apartamento

  1. Basement /‘beisment/ = porão;
  2. Ground floor /graund flo: / (BrE) or First floor (AmE) = Primeiro andar;
  3. Entrance /’entrans/ = Entrada;
  4. Balcony /’baelkoni/ = Varanda;
  5. Top floor /top flo:/ = Andar superior.

A House = A casa 

  1. Gate /geit/ = Portão;
  2. Wall /wa:l/ = Parede;
  3. Path /pa:th/ = trajeto (até a casa);
  4. steps /steps/ = Degrau;
  5. Terrace /’teres/ (BrE) or Patio /’paetiu/ (AmE)
  6. Roof /ru:f/ = telhado;
  7. Chimney /’tfimni/ = Chaminé