1. Classmate /’kla:smeit/: It is a person from school or college.
  2. Colleague /’koli:g/It is a person that you work with.
  3. Flatmate /’flaetmeit/It is a person that you share a flat with.
  4. Partner /‘pa:tner/: It can be your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. 
  5. Couple /’kopl/: They are two people who are married or in a relationship.
  6. Ex /eks/: It is a person that you used to have a relationship with. 




  1. Look, feel, smell, sound and taste + Adjective

E.g. You look nice 

I feel tired today

It smells delicious

It sounds good

It tastes bad 

2. Look, feel, smell, sound and taste + like + Noun

E.g. You look like dad 

It smells like a cake 

She feels like her mother

It sounds like music 

It tastes like tea 

3. Look, feel, smell, sound and taste + as though or as If + clause (sentence)

E.i. It looks as though I’m at home

It smells good as though it’s a coffee

It feels as though I’m in the sky

It sounds as though you’re British, aren’t you? 

It tastes good as though it’s in mouth. 








Future perfect: Will have + Past Participle (P.P)

  • We use the future perfect to say something will be finished before a certain time in the future. 

e.g. I will have finished this article tonight. (+) / Subject + will + have + P.P 

  • We form the negative with won’t have + Past Participle  and make questions by inverting the subject and will / won’t.

e.g. He won’t have finished in 1 hour. (-) / Subject + will (not) + have + P.P

e.g. Will I have finished my work by tonight or tomorrow? (?) / Will + subject + have + P.P … (?)

*This tense is frequently used with the time expressions by or in.



I think …. = Not to use 

  1. As far as I’m concerned, …
  2. In my opinion, …
  3. It seems to me that … or It appears to me that
  4. I would argue that
  5. From my point of view / perspective, …
  6. I am inclined to believe that ….
  1. If / Whether you ask me, …
  2. To be honest,
  3. Personally speaking, ….
  4. From what I gather, …..