1. Greetings:
  • Hey, how are you?
  • How’s (How is) everthing going?
  • It’s (It is) a pleasure to meet you!
  • Long time no see!
  • How have you been?
  • What are you up to these days?

2. Responding to greetings:

  • I’m (I am) really good, thank you.
  • I’m (I am) doing well, thanks.
  • Not much, the usual really.
  • Lovely to meet you too!
  • How about you?

3. Leaving, saying goodbye:

  • I must be making a move.
  • I need to get going.
  • I’m (I am) going to have to make an exit!
  • See you later!
  • Hope to hear from you soon!

4. Pauses and hesitation: 

  • I’m (I am) going to have to have a think about that.
  • Give me a moment.
  • Let me have a think about that.

5. Asking for repetition:

  • Sorry?
  • Pardon?
  • Would you mind saying that again?
  • I didn’t (did not) quite catch that.