1. Plunger /’planjer/ : We use it in the drain or in the toilet.

e.g. Verbs: Plugged or clogged.

2. Toilet /‘toilit/;

Expression: Flush the toilet!! Always…

3. Sink /singk/;

4. Bathtub /‘baTHtub/;

5. Shower /Shauor/

I.e. Take / have a shower / bath;

6. Mirror /‘miror/;

7. Broom /brum/;

8. Squeegee /‘Skweji:/.




  1. Go to + NOUN = It means regular choice.

i.e. This is my go to book. / This is my go to dish.

2. Rocked up + to a place = It means ”went”.

i.e. I rocked up to the cinema;

Rocked up + to a person = It means ”talked to”.

i.e. She rocked up to me to ask my number.

  • Rocked up = /Rocket up/ 

3. Hit it! = It means ”do it”.

i.e. I want to read that book! Hit it!

Hit + place = It means go to 

i.e. I am going to hit the school 

I am going to hit the market

  • I would hit it! = Have sex with someone.