• Different spelling but meaning and pronunciation will not change!

BRITISH           /        AMERICAN 

1. Centre         /           Center

2. Behaviour      /         Behavior

3. Humour      /       Humor

4. Authorise   /      Authorize

5.  Recognise     /        Recognize

6. Symbolise    /     Symbolize

7. Spelt        /      Spelled

8. Programme      /      Program

9 . Kerb         /       Curb





  1. Every trick in the book: It means you do everything to achieve something; 

i.e. I have tried every trick in the book to help you!

2. In my book: It means in my opinion;

e.g. I would not do that in my book.

3. By the book: It means follow the rules;

i.e. Soccer is played by the book.

4. Don’t judge a book by its cover! 

e.g. A) I am not going to eat it.  B) Don’t jugde a 

book by its cover. You have not even tried. Eat it.

5. Bookworm: It is a person who likes to read; 

i.e. I am a bookworm. I love to read!

6. Hit the books: It means ”study”. 

e.g. I have got to hit the books today. There is a text tomorrow!



  • For job or work:
  1. Temporary job: It means only a short contract;

i.e. For 3 months.

2. Permanent job: It means it can work till you decide whether you stay or not. 

e.g. I will work all my life.

  • (Temporary # Permanent) = opposite. 

3. Full-time job: It means it will usually work 35 hours a week. (Uk);

e.g. She will work in a full-time job here;

4. Part-time job: It will only be working a few hours a week.

i.e. I have got two jobs now because of working in a part-time job in the morning.





  1. Please! = In the wrong context. When giving or offering someone something.

i.e. I’II give it to her, please!!*

2. Forming questions incorrectly!

i.e. How is they?*

3. pronunciation ofTH‘!

i.e. I fink so.* ( = thing)

4. Mixing up Present perfect with Past Simple. 

i.e. I have been to Peru last year; *

e.g. I have went there. *

  • * It means that it is incorrectly. 



  • All right: American English;
  • Alright: British English (informal);
  • All right: British English (formal).


1. Ask about health;

e.g. Are you all right?

2. Permission; 

e.g. Is it all right whether I sit there?

3. Greeting (Uk) = Informal espressions!

e.g. A) Alright? (Intonation) B) Alright!

i.e. A) Alright *mate? B) yeah! (*mate = friend)

A) Alright love? B) yeah, thanks!

4. Exclamation;

e.g. All right! Let’s started!

5. Bit of alright! (Informal expression) (UK). 

  • It means someone is good-looking.

e.g. She’s a bit of alright! = she is good-looking!