• All right: American English;
  • Alright: British English (informal);
  • All right: British English (formal).


1. Ask about health;

e.g. Are you all right?

2. Permission; 

e.g. Is it all right whether I sit there?

3. Greeting (Uk) = Informal espressions!

e.g. A) Alright? (Intonation) B) Alright!

i.e. A) Alright *mate? B) yeah! (*mate = friend)

A) Alright love? B) yeah, thanks!

4. Exclamation;

e.g. All right! Let’s started!

5. Bit of alright! (Informal expression) (UK). 

  • It means someone is good-looking.

e.g. She’s a bit of alright! = she is good-looking!


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